#ThrowBack How technologies have changed lives – I


#ThrowBack How technologies have changed lives. The memory of yesteryears when the lifestyle was different than what it is today. When time was spent with friends and families. There wasn’t a virtual world to take you aloof. The images below speaks it all. (Courtesy – Scuttlebutt) 1. When granny’s fairy tales made you weave dreams. 2. […]

How some stations and areas in Mumbai got their name?

Did you ever wonder as to why Churchgate station is called so? when there is no ‘Church’ or ‘Gate’ close to it. Or why Mumbai areas and station names sound so weird or irrelevant? Here is an answer to most of your question. Digging down deep we found some myths and facts about the these station names. […]

Punny definitions – Part I


Here is the list of words with their super hilarious meanings. What would you call them – ‘Honest definitions’ ? 1. We blindly believe to what is shown to us 2. The story of every organization 3. Every teenager 4. Sports-A-holics   More posts coming. Keep following!

The Myth of the Corporates – Part II

The post of yesterday were just to count a few. You still have uncountable co-workers in your offices whom we can associate with other characters of Mahabharata. So the corporate myth continues… 1. The game master. 2. The guy with morals. 3. The short tempered guy. 4. The patriotic guy. 5. The overpowering guy.

The Myth of the Corporates – Part I


If you were asked to relate your co-workers with a character from Mahabharata, this is how it would look. 1. This one goes perfect for a boss. 2. The neglected one. 3. The average performers. 4. The ‘Chamcha’. 5. The ‘Guru’ of all. 6. The lady’s man.   Keep following. More such posts to come […]

Give a poetic touch to your souls


Here is a collection of some very beautiful poetries that will mesmerize you. The true feeling of – ‘Love is in the air’. 1.  2.  3. 4. 5. 6. 7. After reading these you will definitely not be able to stop yourself from going out and drench in the rains. Happy Monsoons. Have fun